Trevilley Poll Dorset Ram Lambs Are Always SHORN & UNWASHED For May Fair

(and have been since 2003)

Trevilley Poll Dorsets

Best Pen of Rams - May Fair

Welcome to the Trevilley Poll Dorsets Website

We would once again like to thank all who purchased a Trevilley ram at May Fair, and wish them well, also thanks to everyone who has purchased rams on farm

If you are interested in a Trevilley Poll Dorset ram for this or next season then please contact me and I would be pleased to try and help, however due to other commitments I will only be selling rams on farm this year

The Trevilley flock currently numbers around 200 pedigree ewes, (down from 300 in 2006, numbers are being reduced due to our other business - click here), half lambing in Sept and half in the Spring, the best 15% of rams and 30% of ewes approx. (on visual inspection) are retained for sale or breeding in the flock from the September lambing and around half the ewe lambs from the Spring lambing are retained for sale (this policy will change as ewe numbers are currently still gradually being reduced year on year). All ewes are lambed outside unless the weather is really bad and any lambs that can not be born unassisted are not retained for breeding or sale, this policy over the last 15 years has meant we now only intervene in less than 5% of all lambings. All the ram lambs we sell from the flock are kept at grass from birth and only housed for a few days after shearing in late Feb, our customers find our system of ram rearing leaves the ram ready to work at the point of sale, and have many regular customers for this reason. Our ewes are run as a comercial flock and have to perform in the North Cornish conditions with no cereal or concentrate feeding.

List of Rams Available For Purchase On Farm - Click Here

Contact - Duncan Sandercock by phone 07830 153 420 or email

Trevilley Kraken - Champion Royal Cornwall Show

Trevilley Kraken K95 - Best Single Poll Ram Lamb - May Fair out of a class of over 40 ram lambs

Trevilley Knock-Out - Best Signet Recorded Ram - May Fair



Trevilley Forcer - Interbreed Champion

Congratulations to C & T Clark who purchased Trevilley "Forcer" at May Fair 2005 and who won Reserve Interbreed Champion Ram Royal Cornwall Show and also Breed Championships and Interbreed Championships at many other shows with him including the Royal Welsh, and at Honiton


List of Rams Available For Purchase On Farm not yet listed here - please call me if you are interested in visiting to look at our rams


Sire Maternal Index 8 Wk Wt EBV Kg SCAN Wt
EBV mm
EBV mm
Scheme INDEX

**** Top 5% *** Top 10% ** Top 25% * Top 50% Of all recorded flocks




Trevilley Leader - Best son of Ramsden Kick-ass - Winner of shearling class May fair

Ramsden Kick-ass - Scottish ram sired by a New Zealand ram carries Loinmax Gene

Blackhill P598 - Showing great promise and good type

Downkillybegs Kojak - Purchased at May Fair

Ballytaggart Krafty - Purchased at May Fair

Trevilley Hot Stuff - Sired by Trevilley Carnage he is the best Carnage son ever bred at Trevilley and is almost identical to his sire but is better muscled

Oliver Tree Jock Sired by Trevilley Detonator his sire and dam were both Champions at May Fair, some great shaped progeny already from this ram

Polgreen C679 - Purchased by Trevilley Fock at May Fair - Sired by the well known N.I. ram Slemish Warrior who's progeny have won at many shows including May Fair

Trevilley C27 - Sired by Meat Elite 920237 a ram which came from the Meat Elite flock set up by Australian Poll Dorset breeders to improve the breeds terminal sire traits, this ram carries one of the highest improvements for muscle EBV seen in the Centurion Sire Reference Scheme

Other rams used include Trevilley Dino, Trevilley Jibber Jabber,


Trevilley rams of the past

Trevilley "Carnage" C47

Sired by Kentish Downs "Refined" 960192 (Austrailian imported semen)


Centurion Reference Sire

Maternal half brother to Trevilley "Detonator" D457 - Champion and top price ram May Fair 2004

Trevilley "Forcer" F138- 2nd top price of May Fair 2005 £1627

Trevilley "Detonator" D457 - Champion of May Fair 2004 as a lamb and top price of the sale £2730

Trevilley "Combat" C57 - Pictured at 7 months sold at May Fair 2003 for £730

Other Trevilley "Stars"

Trevilley Z18 - Top price at May Fair 2002 sold for £1020

Trevilley W86 - Top price Shearling at May Fair 2000 sold for £860